When You’ve Been Hurt Abroad: Are You Entitled to Make a Claim?

When you are hurt because of an accident or illness, it may be possible to receive monetary damages for your losses. If you or a loved one are hurt or killed because of your injuries, it’s time to understand who is entitled to file a claim.

In a personal injury lawsuit, you have to be able to provide that another party was at fault for causing your illness or injuries. As you consider what to do if the injury happens abroad, consider the laws in the country you were visiting. If the individual that caused injuries to you or your loved one was not following the law, this is one way to assign fault for your injuries.

In essence, if the individual is negligent, doesn’t follow basic safety standards, or committed a crime and it was the reason injuries occurred, you are entitled to file a claim for your injuries.┬áTo find out if you have a viable claim, it’s time to call JKZ for a free initial consultation. We will look your case over carefully to determine your options.

When you or a love one is traveling abroad and gets injured, this can be due to a wide variety of reasons. Some examples of injuries that entitle the individual to file a claim include:

-When the victim is injured in a motor cycle accident as a pedestrian, driver, or passenger and another individual was driving recklessly, causing the accident.
-Getting injured while on a cruise or in a hotel because of a badly lit stairwell, a wet floor, or other negligent conditions.
-Food poisoning because the food consumed was contaminated due to unclean conditions.
-An injury that is sustained because an individual on the cruise ship was sick, causing an outbreak.
-Work place injuries while working on a job abroad.
-Injuries caused by sporting equipment that wasn’t maintained properly and being used for rent by the victim.
-An accident or injury caused by a tourist attraction where there is no warning of the dangers of the ride in question.

It doesn’t matter why you or a loved one were traveling abroad. If you are on a vacation, or you are working, you are entitled to file a personal injury claim when you are hurt because of the negligence or willful wrongdoing of someone else.

If you are on a tour vacation and you get injured, you may have a special claim against the provider who designed your vacation package. You are protected against health and safety violations, and should not be sent to a hotel that causes you distress because of these violations.