Seven Easy Portion Control Tips That Will Help You Lose Weight

Are you looking for tips on how to lose weight? Follow these seven portion control ideas that will help melt the pounds off quickly!

#1 Second Helpings Aren’t Always Necessary

When you serve your food, ask yourself if the portion is the correct size. Only take a second helping of a meal if you honestly feel the portion size was too small for what your body requires. After awhile you’ll be able to eyeball the correct portion size and you won’t want to grab another helping.

#2 Smaller Servings are Important

Not only does a smaller serving prevent food waste, it helps you understand your ideal appetite. This is also an important lesson for kids who may not realize their servings are too big. Begin this habit early so that your whole family benefits, not just you!

#3 You Don’t Need the Appetizer

We all dine out, but that doesn’t mean we need that appetizer to begin with. Start your dinner off with a healthy salad or simply wait for the main course. You’ll eat much less if you aren’t being tempted by an appetizer.

#4 Make Your Plate Aesthetically Appealing

If you have to order in, don’t eat right from the box. Arrange your food on a plate to make it look good. This helps you measure your meals to the correct portion and will give you a sense of fullness.

#5 Always Have Healthy Snacks on Hand

You’ll never loose weight ez if you can always easily reach for junk food. Stock up on healthy foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables. Just remember, overeating on healthy foods can be just as bad as having a snack that is bad, so always eat in moderation.

#6 Ignore the Television Set

If you eat while watching a show, your attention is diverted and you won’t pay attention to your food. You’re much more likely to overeat this way because you won’t be considering what is going into your mouth. Sit down and take your time at the dinner table or away from distractions.

#7 Pay Attention to Calories

As soon as you start tracking the calories you eat the sooner you will be aware of what you are putting in your mouth. This helps you keep your portions under control and will keep you on the right track to weight loss.

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